New Air Quality Reporting System to take effect from 1 Apr 2014
Published: 20 Mar 2014 1822 hrs
The new air quality reporting system, which will incorporate PM2.5 into the current PSI, will take effect from 1 Apr 2014. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Manpower have also revised their haze health advisories for the general public and for employees. These new advisories will also take effect from 1 Apr 2014. In the interim period up to 1 April 2014, members of the public and employers may refer to NEA’s haze forecasts and advisories found on
Protection from Harassment Bill passed in Parliament
Published: 14 Mar 2014 1847 hrs
The Protection from Harassment Bill passed in Parliament on 13 Mar 2014, better protects victims of harassment. It clarifies that harassment and related behaviour are offences, whether committed in the physical world or online. Protection orders or notification orders can be made against those who harass or perpetuate falsehood online, even those hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. The Bill also introduces unlawful stalking as a new offence.
1,800 more households to benefit from Comcare assistance; more support for Persons with Disabilities
Published: 13 Mar 2014 1918 hrs
1,800 more households will benefit from Comcare assistance following the revision of income cap from $1,700 to $1,900. Kindergarten education will now be more affordable for low and middle income families following enhancements made to the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS). There will also be more support for early intervention services and transport for Persons with Disabilities in the form of subsidies and programmes.
Government to increase share of national healthcare expenditure; expanded Medisave use for more types of outpatient treatment
Published: 12 Mar 2014 2303 hrs
Medisave will be expanded to include more healthcare needs, including a new flexi Medisave scheme for the elderly by 2015. Aside from more subsidies provided for Specialist Outpatient clinics and for drugs, the government will also bear most of the initial costs for MediShield Life, with subsidies on premiums for Pioneer Generation members. 4 new hospitals and 11,000 more hospital/nursing home beds will be ready by 2020. Home-based care services and manpower capabilities will also be expanded.
More buses and trains to improve capacity; new measures to improve road safety
Published: 11 Mar 2014 2244 hrs
With 13 new trains in 2014 and 450 more buses over the next 3 years, Singaporeans can look forward to improvements in public transport capacity. $7.5M from Public Transport Fund will also fund new schemes to assist Persons with Disabilities and Lower-wage Workers. MOT will pilot new ‘Silver Zones’ in 5 towns to reduce road accidents involving elderly. MCCY announced $65M for museums and cultural institutions and to upgrade facilities such as the Esplanade and National Museum.
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