From The Media - 23 October 2014
Published: 23 Oct 2014 1045 hrs
Today’s headlines – Tharman encourages all Singaporeans to be tolerant in everyday life; Khaw believes in making cycling a viable transport option in Singapore; and, the President renews an all-weather friendship with Britain. In regional news, Malaysia confirms 7 stops along the High Speed Rail with construction likely to start in Q3 next year. More at From The Media.
The Battle for Merger
Published: 09 Oct 2014 1343 hrs
Relive one of the most intense moments for Singapore as its future hangs in the balance – The Battle for Merger Exhibition immerses you into the political struggles, and exposes the real reasons why the communists opposed the Merger. These vivid accounts were pieced together by Mr Lee Kuan Yew across 12 radio broadcasts in 1961. In conjunction with the book reprint, visit the exhibition at National Library Building from 9 Oct 2014.
The Battle for Merger
Protecting yourself online
Published: 23 Sep 2014 1506 hrs
Online security leaks and breaches have been in the news lately. The following tips are useful to protect yourself.
10 tips on how to protect your data online
National Day Rally 2014 Highlights
Published: 03 Sep 2014 1113 hrs
Need a quick and easy guide to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech? Here’s a simple info-graphic with the key announcements to help you.
National Day Rally 2014 Highlights
National Day Rally 2014
Published: 18 Aug 2014 1158 hrs
The CPF scheme will be improved to better care for lower-income Singaporeans. It will be made more flexible, while providing a steady stream of income during the retirement years. Details were unveiled by PM Lee at the National Day Rally last night. Watch videos of what PM Lee had to say on the CPF. In the clips, he also talks about creating opportunities for success, offering assurance during retirement, and making Singapore a home for all ages.
National Day Rally 2014 NDR Highlights
From The Media The Battle for Merger 10 tips on how to protect your data online National Day Rally 2014 Highlights National Day Rally 2014
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