From The Media - 06 March 2015
Published: 06 Mar 2015 1300 hrs
On the Budget debate – DPM Tharman addresses pillars of social mobility, and Committee of Supply debates commence with MFA and MINDEF. Separately, MOM survey suggests skills upgrading needs to be more relevant; and come August, Singapore’s biggest NDP yet will span the Marina Bay area.
Budget 2015 Round-Up
Published: 05 Mar 2015 1515 hrs
Rounding up the Budget 2015 debate, DPM Tharman focused on three main topics: 1) Economic restructuring and uplifting Singapore's SMEs, 2) The Government's approach to building a fair and inclusive society, and 3) Sustaining a fair and inclusive society in the long term. Look forward to highlights from the Committee of Supply debates on our dedicated microsite!
Budget 2015 Round-Up
Budget 2015: Building our future
Published: 23 Feb 2015 1750 hrs
Budget 2015 looks ahead to Singapore’s collective future. With an eye on helping the economy move into one rife with innovation, and creating a society that is just and fair, this year’s Budget focuses on four broad themes: 1) investing in skills of the future and lifelong learning, 2) encouraging innovation and international expansion for businesses, 3) economic and social infrastructure investments, and 4) ensuring retirement adequacy and support for the middle-income.
Budget 2015 Watch video
CPF Advisory Panel recommendations
Published: 04 Feb 2015 1407 hrs
At a glance – More monthly payout options with more choices on Retirement Sum amount; withdraw more in lump sum or top up to meet your individual needs; and get greater assurance and flexibility with more information on Retirement Sum amount.
PM Lee: SG50 - A time to reflect, give thanks and look forward
Published: 01 Jan 2015 0813 hrs
In his New Year message, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said SG50 will be a time to look back, give thanks for what we have achieved, and look forward to the future with confidence. He also highlighted the efforts made to give Singaporeans at each stage of life greater assurance, more opportunities, and a better home throughout 2014.
PM Lee: SG50 - A time to reflect, give thanks and look forward
From The Media Budget 2015 Round-Up Budget 2015 CPF Advisory Panel recommendations PM Lee: SG50 - A time to reflect, give thanks and look forward
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