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  • Friday, January 02
  • Modest 1.5% GDP growth in 4Q 2014 
    Singapore's economy expanded by 1.5% in the 4th quarter of 2014 on a year-on-year basis – This is much lower than the previous quarter. Much of the decline can be attributed to the slowing manufacturing sector. Overall for 2014, the Singapore economy grew by 2.8%, in line with the growth forecast of around 3.0%.
  • Thursday, January 01
  • New season parking scheme for motorcyclists 
    From Jan 1, motorcyclists who need to use several car parks daily can purchase a Concessionary Season Parking Ticket for Motorcycles (CSPT) for a flat monthly fee. The CSPT allows short-term parking at motorcycle lots in HDB and URA car parks island-wide, making parking more affordable for motorcyclist.
  • Tuesday, December 30
  • New year cheer for 800,000 HDB households with S$100 million in GST vouchers  
    800,000 HDB households will each receive between S$90 to S$195 in GST vouchers. The vouchers are designed to help middle and lower income families with their living expenses.
  • Tuesday, December 30
  • Singapore upgrades from Euro V to Euro VI in 2018 
    2018 marks Singapore's shift to Euro VI emission standards. NEA has been working with the motor industry to give it with enough lead time to bring in more vehicles that meet the new standard. NEA will also accept diesel vehicles that meet the JPN 2009 standard should their emission level meet the Euro VI limits.
  • Sunday, December 28
  • QZ8501: Singapore offers assistance for search and locate efforts 
    The Singapore Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC), supported by various agencies, including the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), has been activated and stands ready to help with search and locate efforts for QZ8501.

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