Seniors’ Vaccination Journey

Getting vaccinated is important and easy. Watch veteran artistes go through their vaccination journey, from registration to receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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The COVID-19 vaccination programme is being progressively rolled out to all Singaporeans and long term residents.

1. Seniors aged 60 and above can walk in to any vaccination centre, polyclinic or participating PHPC (Public Health Preparedness Clinic) to receive their vaccination without an appointment. You can also register online.


2. Already have the code sent to you via SMS?


3. For seniors who require home vaccination services, you may contact Silver Generation Office at 1800 650 6060.



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Seniors Get Vaccinated
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Medical Eligibility
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Vaccination Brochure
Some side effects are signs of your body’s immune response
Protect yourself and your loved ones
Continue to practice safe management measures after vaccination
COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective


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