At her President’s Address on 24 August 2020, President Halimah Yacob spoke about the importance of unity as we tackle our common challenges in light of the COVID-19 situation.

On 28 August 2020, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, Ministry of Finance, PMO (Strategy Group), PMO (Public Service Division), PMO (Science and Technology Policy and Plans Office), and PMO (Smart Nation and Digital Government Group) outlined their priorities in the new term.

Here’s a look at how the Government plans to partner Singaporeans to overcome our present challenges and emerge stronger from this crisis.

i. Partnering Singaporeans to build a resilient and caring society

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY):

• Convening Emerging Stronger Conversations for Singaporeans to reflect on their crisis experience, share their aspirations for Singapore, and work in partnership to build a stronger society

• Partnering whole-of-society to grow volunteerism efforts (SG Cares movement)

• Partnering the arts, heritage and sports communities to bring Singaporeans together, inspire us, and celebrate the Singapore Spirit

Prime Minister’s Office (Strategy Group):

• Partnering employers and the community to continue supporting Singaporeans’ marriage and parenthood aspirations

ii. Transforming the Public Service and maintaining a sustainable system

Ministry of Finance (MOF):

• Strengthening our revenue position to fund growing national needs, eg. healthcare, while ensuring a fair and progressive fiscal system

• Developing a framework for responsible and sustainable use of borrowing to finance major long-term infrastructure investments

• Managing the nation’s resources and reserves sustainably for the future

Prime Minister’s Office (Strategy Group)

• Coordinating cross-Ministry efforts to review the longer-term policy agenda, eg. across economic and social policies to enable Singaporeans access jobs and opportunities

Prime Minister’s Office (Public Service Division)

• Organising the Public Service differently to better solve problems beyond agency boundaries

• Developing a Public Service with more diverse networks, skills and experiences by recruiting officers from different backgrounds, and providing job rotation and opportunities

• Working with citizens, businesses and stakeholders more closely, eg. partnering unions and employers for jobs and training opportunities within the Public Service

Prime Minister’s Office (Science and Technology Policy and Plans Office)

• Build stronger public sector science and technology capabilities

• Aggregate science and technology demand across Whole-of-Government for greater efficiency

iii. Accelerating digitalisation in government

Prime Minister’s Office (Smart Nation and Digital Government Group)

• Make digital services accessible to all citizens, esp. seniors and the less digitally literate

• Build digital end-to-end option for all Government services by 2023, and maintain high satisfaction rates with government digital services

• Strengthen the Government data security regime to ensure data is secure

• Build up national digital infrastructure, eg. the National Digital Identity and e-Payments, to support seamless digital transactions and commerce