Claim: There has been misleading claims about our electricity prices being one of the highest in the world.


Fact: A benchmarking study done by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) shows that our regulated tariff for households is comparable to that of similar cities around the world.


As a small country with no natural resources, Singapore imports almost all our energy needs, for which we pay global prices.



The graphic below shows data from the benchmarking study conducted by EMA.


Why don’t we just subsidise the price of electricity?


We do not subsidise electricity prices because:


(1) Subsidising prices benefits those who use more electricity; and


(2) It is also not sustainable in the long run, given that fuel is imported and subject to global pricing.



Instead, we seek to keep electricity prices fair and reasonable through regulation and market competition.


Is there anything done to help Singaporeans cope with their electricity bills?


The Government supports lower-income households through the U-Save rebates.


For example, the annual U-Save rebates for 2019 range from $400 for 1- and 2-room flats, to $240 for Executive/Multi-Generation Flats.


Please refer to MOF website for the latest information regarding U-Save rebates.