Banding together in times of crisis
Banding together in times of crisis
From care packages to crowdsourcing supplies, here are three ways Singapore is staying united.
min read Published on 12 Feb 2020

During a healthcare crisis on a global scale, how the community reacts and bands together is particularly important, as underlined by President Halimah Yacob:

“The strength of a people is seldom tested during good times, but will be severely challenged when we face a crisis. How well we stand together, support each other and react to a situation define us as a people.”

Since the onset of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) on our shores, many Singaporeans have been stepping forward to support frontline workers, friends, and neighbours. Here are some highlights.

Showing appreciation

Rui’en and Ruirui, daughters of 45-year-old social entrepreneur Mr Tong Yee, came up with the idea of delivering food to the healthcare workers tirelessly fighting the COVID-19 in hospitals.

At 6.40am, the determined ten and six year old girls woke their father up and paid for the breakfast from their own pocket money. The family spent the morning distributing the food, and even wrote messages on each of the takeaway packets and boxes.

Mr Tong Yee’s Facebook page

In a Facebook note, Mr Tong Yee encouraged other Singaporeans to step forward with their support, especially healthcare workers who were working long hours on the frontlines to protect Singaporeans:

“For professionals, their skill sets or knowledge are needed and they cannot run. Even though they sometimes want to. Showing them the meaning of what they do, giving flesh to what they only know in concept, is critical. How else are they expected to sustain?”

Another appreciation project to create 7,000 care packages for National Centre of Infectious Diseases and Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff is ongoing, the brainchild of ground-up movement Be Kind SG.

Contributing to the efforts are mainstream and special education schools, Singapore Prison Service, and other non-profit organisations such as MINDS and Singapore Kindness Movement.

Be Kind SG’s Facebook post

Caring for friends on Leave of Absence

For university students on Leave of Absence, their meals were delivered by fellow students, who volunteered their time to support those in need.

Uniting neighbours through Mask Go Share

Know someone who could use a mask or hand sanitiser?

Volunteer-run, non-profit society started Mask Go Share, an initiative that brings together Singaporeans who need masks or hand sanitisers with others who are willing to gift extra supplies.

Individuals who require supplies for themselves or their families can also put up a request at the Mask Go Share website here.