Singapore has seen a rise of new dormitory cases in recent weeks. Within the community, a few cases of infection have been identified amongst recovered workers at the Westlite Woodlands Dormitory. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has been monitoring the situation closely and has convened special COVID-19 testing operations for all workers at the dormitory. 

Restricting travel from India

While no evidence suggests that the recent cases at Westlite Woodlands Dormitory are linked to the new COVID-19 strain in India, border measures with India will be tightened in light of the worsening COVID-19 situation in India. 

The following measures will be implemented with immediate effect: 
  • All travellers with recent travel history to India who have yet to complete their 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN) by 22 April 2021, 11.59pm, will need to complete an additional 7-day SHN at dedicated SHN facilities, instead of their place of residence. These individuals will also have to undergo Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests on-arrival, on Day 14 of their SHN, and another test before the end of their 21-day SHN period. 

  • From 23 April 2021, 11.59pm, until further notice, all long-term pass holders and short-term visitors with recent travel history (including transit) to India within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry or transit through Singapore. This also applies to all who had obtained prior approval for entry into Singapore. 

Additional precautions for recovered persons

In consultation with infectious disease specialists, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Manpower have reviewed scientific evidence from a cohort of recovered persons in Singapore, and found evidence that suggests a possible decrease in antibody levels of individuals that have recovered from COVID-19. As such, caution is required around the infection risks of recovered persons. 

With effect from 29 April 2021: 

  • Recovered dormitory dwelling workers and Construction, Marine and Process workers living in Singapore who have crossed 270 days from the date of COVID-19 infection, will no longer be exempted from prevailing public health measures. 

  • These individuals will be enrolled back on Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) once they have passed 270 days from the date of past infection. If they are identified as close contacts of COVID-19 positive cases, they will be subjected to quarantine immediately.  

  • Newly arrived migrant workers with a serology positive result will also be enrolled onto 14-day RRT.

Singapore will closely monitor cases of reinfection and review border measures for recovered travellers. Imported cases suspected of re-infection will be isolated and will have to undergo repeated COVID-19 PCR tests, for monitoring, and to ensure that such cases are detected promptly. MOH will also continue to review data and evidence of any new viral strains, and update Singapore‚Äôs public health measures accordingly. 


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