MOH has detected several clusters in multiple KTV lounges or nightclubs that had pivoted to operate as Food & Beverage (F&B) establishments. Even as testing operations for staff and patrons were underway, more cases and clusters in similar settings emerged.

Since October 2020, nightlife establishments have not been allowed to operate but, upon representation by the industry, have been allowed to pivot into F&B operations. However, several errant establishments have abused this and operated clandestine and illegal activities. The Singapore Food Agency has revoked the licences of 3 such F&B establishments.

The Government will continue to take strict enforcement actions against all F&B operators who breach the safe management measures (SMMs).

Suspension of All Pivoted Nightlife Establishments


MOH will implement a 2-week suspension of operations from 16 July 2021 through 30 July 2021 for all nightlife establishments that had pivoted into F&B establishments.

During this period, MOH will test the staff of these 400-odd establishments, inspect their SMM protocols, ensure proper implementation, before they are allowed to resume F&B operations.


Aggressive Ringfencing Around Cases


To mitigate the risk of wider, undetected community transmission, MOH will aggressively ringfence cases emerging around the KTV cluster through the use of SafeEntry (SE) data:

  1. Individuals identified to have visited hotspots at the same time as a confirmed COVID-19 case will receive an SMS “Health Risk Warning”.


  2. They will be required under the law to get tested at a designated testing centre, and self-isolate until they receive a negative test from their first polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.


  3. As such individuals who test negative could still be incubating the virus, they should still limit their interactions with others as an added precaution for 14 days from their last exposure and only undertake essential activities during this period.


  4. These individuals will also be issued with self-test Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kits when they come forward to do their first PCR test. They will be required to self-administer an ART test on the 7th day from the last exposure to confirm that they are not infected.


  5. They will also be required to undergo another PCR test at designated testing centres around the 14th day from their date of last known exposure for assurance that they are not incubating the virus.


  6. If these individuals should develop any acute respiratory infection (ARI) symptoms, such as cough, runny nose, or fever, they should see their doctor immediately.


MOH will also be sending a “Health Risk Alert” via SMS to individuals who have visited the locations where these establishments are located in, or at other similar establishments flagged out by the Singapore Police Force:

  1. Unlike “Health Risk Warning”, they are not subject to actions required by the law. They should monitor their health and limit their interactions with others for 14 days from their last exposure as an added precaution.


  2. They are encouraged to purchase self-test ART kits from retail pharmacies and do self-tests regularly over the 14 days.


Did you visit any of these establishments and/or interacted with social hostesses between 29 June 2021 to 15 July 2021?

If you did, go to this link: to make an appointment for a free swab test.

Alternatively, you may go to a private clinic for a paid test.


If you develop any ARI symptoms (cough, runny nose, fever) see a doctor immediately.

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