From 2015 to 2019, $53 billion has been invested to build the best public transport system that is accessible and affordable for all Singaporeans.


We will continue to grow and improve the reliability of our public transport network to ensure smoother rides. We have added 1,000 more buses and 200 trains since 2012, and three new MRT lines in addition to the current five by 2030. Eight in 10 households will live within 10 minutes’ walk of a train station, and we will continue to grow our public transport network for a more connected city.


Public transport fares will be kept affordable for all Singaporeans, with every journey subsidised by more than $1. One in 5 households are eligible for Public Transport Vouchers, which help lower-income households with transport fares. A total of 450,000 vouchers of $50 each will be issued. Furthermore, students, elderly and lower-income Singaporeans enjoy even greater concessions.


Connectivity within Singapore and to the world will continue to be enhanced. By 2040, nine in 10 peak-house journeys can be completed in under 45 minutes via public transport, and faster commutes between the east and the west will be possible with the Cross Island and Jurong Region Lines. The Tuas Megaport and Changi Terminal 5 will also enable better overseas connectivity for Singaporeans.


Let us make each day better, together.