Mr Kenneth Jeyeratnam’s assertions, that the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) had not given due notice to the Reform Party (RP) for its Constituency Political Broadcasts (CPBs), are untrue.

Before Nomination Day, all political parties were briefed on 26 June. This included the format and recording schedules, which were planned for 2-4 July. Parties were informed that recording slots would be confirmed after Nomination Day. Representatives from RP were present and no concerns were raised.

After Nomination Day, IMDA sent the recording schedules to all political parties on 1 July. IMDA also contacted RP’s representatives via email and phone call. RP representatives acknowledged receipt. No queries or concerns were raised. It is not true that Mr Jeyeratnam was not allowed to record a CPB because he was serving a Stay Home Notice. IMDA never received any request for this.

Half an hour prior to RP’s recording slot on 2 July, RP sent an email requesting to postpone. Two RP representatives were already present on location, and they proceeded with their CPB recording. It was not possible to reschedule, as postponement would impact the recording for other parties and candidates.

All other parties and candidates were able to record their Political Broadcasts in accordance with the allocation rules and their allocated slots.