On 8 July 2020, The Online Citizen Asia (TOC) posted an article alleging “concrete plans within the civil service to increase the population of Singapore by bringing in more foreigner (sic)”. Referring to a People’s Association (PA) Workplan Seminar, the TOC insinuates that it has evidence of the Government’s plans to increase the population of Singapore to 10 million. There is no basis for this allegation. The Government has already clarified that it does not seek to achieve any particular population size.

The TOC article referred to a PA document used at the seminar, and also stated that the Dean of the National Community Leadership Institute (NACLI), Mr Foong Hin Cheong, had “explicitly said that Singaporeans must be prepared to be outnumbered by foreigners given the sharp influx”. Mr Foong did not say this.

Mr Foong was speaking to PA staff at our annual division workplan meeting. PA regularly takes stock of the key trends in Singapore that are relevant to our mission of strengthening social cohesion in Singapore. This allows us to identify and address relevant opportunities and challenges early and decisively. One of the key trends discussed at this meeting was how to address the greater diversity in our community, including foreigners who are living among us in our neighbourhoods. Promoting harmonious living among residents of different backgrounds has always been part of PA’s mission to strengthen social cohesion in Singapore. There is therefore no basis for TOC’s allegation.

With this clarification, we urge Singaporeans to refrain from circulating unverified information about the PA.