Over 1 in 2 Singaporeans enjoy concessionary fares, which is an estimated two million commuters that enjoy public transport at discounted rates.

These concessions ensure that getting around the island is affordable for different groups of Singaporeans to travel when they like, as they like with ease.

Singapore has been investing heavily in the public transport system to make it more convenient, reliable and accessible. Over the past few years, the Government has made the following improvements, including:

- Adding 99 new MRT trains; 
- Introducing 1,000 new buses and 80 new bus routes;
- Building more than 200km of covered walkways.

Improving our public transport system sustainably

These investments and work will continue in order to enhance Singapore’s public transport system. By 2030, you will be able to reach your nearest neighbourhood centre in less than 20 minutes by walking, cycling or riding. It will also take no more than 45 minutes to complete most peak-period journeys. Travel will be more inclusive and barrier-free to aid commuters of all ages.

All these improvements bring some costs with them. With rising energy prices, increasing operating and maintenance costs, the gap between fares and costs have been widening. Over the next five years, the Government is expected to put in close to $1 billion to renew rail operating assets, and another $1 billion to subsidise bus operations every year.

For a more sustainable public transport system, there is a need to balance rising operating costs and ensuring affordable fares for all.

Many groups, including senior citizens, persons with disabilities and students, will receive more support through discounted fares and monthly concession passes. Take a look at this list to see what concessions you are eligible for:

In spite of rising operation costs, the Government is committed to making public transport accessible and affordable for all.

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