Several online articles have claimed that there has been a “secret CPF policy change” to increase the CPF Retirement Sum to S$181,000 by 2020. This is hardly a secret and was in fact publicly announced in 2015.

Contrary to the claim by these online articles, the 2015 announcement was widely reported by media outlets such as The Straits Times and TODAYOnline as well as online blogs such as MoneySmart. It was also published on MOM’s website and CPFB’s website to update CPF members on the announced changes.

In 2015, the Government accepted the CPF Advisory Panel’s recommendation for the Retirement Sums to increase by 3% every year for each cohort turning 55 from 2017 to 2020. This was to account for inflation, and some increase in expectations of successive cohorts of retirees for a higher standard of living.

Based on this, the Full Retirement Sum will rise to $181,000 by 2020, as shown in the table below. The Panel also suggested reviewing this rate of adjustment periodically to take into account more updated data on long-term inflation and retiree expenditures. 

The Government would never secretly increase Singaporeans’ CPF Retirement Sum. 

55th birthday in year

Basic Retirement Sum

Full Retirement Sum

Enhanced Retirement Sum


















Singaporeans can withdraw some of their CPF from age 55, even if they do not meet the Full Retirement Sum.

Some believe that Singaporeans are not allowed to withdraw their CPF if they cannot meet the Full Retirement Sum (previously known as the Minimum Sum). This is not true.

All members can withdraw up to $5,000 of their CPF unconditionally at age 55.

They can also withdraw their CPF savings above their Full Retirement Sum or above their Basic Retirement Sum if they own a property*.

In addition, when members reach the age when they are eligible for their first CPF retirement payout, they may withdraw a lump sum of up to 20% of their CPF savings (including the first $5,000 that can be withdrawn at age 55). This only applies to members who turn age 55 in 2013 or later.

Source: Ministry of Manpower

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*For these members, the refund to the CPF upon sale/transfer of property can restore them to the Full Retirement Sum, either because they had used CPF savings to pay for their property, or had pledged their property.