Is it Grandma’s birthday soon? Or your little nephew’s Man Yue?

Either way, most celebrations usually call for gatherings with loved ones.

From Phase 2 onwards, dining-in at restaurants will be allowed (subject to restrictions). Households can also receive a small number of visitors.

But with increased activites and movement of people, there’s a higher risk of getting infected. We have to keep our guard up, and stay disciplined and vigilant.

While planning for your next get-together, keep in mind these 5 tips.

  1. Keep it small

    Continue to protect yourself and your families by keeping your gatherings to a small, regular circle of close contacts.

  2. Dine-out, space-out

    If you’re going to be dining out, keep in mind that there must not be more than five diners at each table, with at least 1 metre spacing between tables or groups.

    Make sure you’re also keeping a 1-metre safe distance from other groups when queuing to enter or waiting to pay at the cashier counter.

    When you’re at the eatery, be sure that you keep your mask on at all times, except when eating or drinking.

  3. Celebrating at home

    You may receive up to five visitors at any one time.

    If you are visiting another household, keep your mask on, except when eating or drinking.

    Whether you’re dining out or celebrating at home, remember NOT to join the gathering if you are feeling unwell! (and please see a doctor asap!)

  4. Seniors stay in

    Seniors are especialIy vulnerable and should take extra precautions during this time. Stay home as much as possible, and limit interactions to a small regular circle of close contacts.

    If you do visit seniors, make sure that you keep a safe distance, and practise good personal hygiene. 

  5. Dial in

    Just because the number of visitors are limited, doesn’t mean that you can’t extend the invite to your entire kampung. Opt for digital means like video calls to include other loved ones in your celebration.

  6. Don’t share utensils or double dip

    What’s a good celebration without good food? Before you tuck in, make sure that there are separate serving utensils so the food doesn’t get contaminated.

    Avoid double dipping – it’s another way that the virus can spread.

Continue to stay socially responsible even as restrictions are eased to allow us to gather with loved ones – remember that the health of all depends on each one of us.

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