All students will return to school daily from 29 June 2020.

Schools will continue to have safe management measures, to keep students and staff safe.

During this time, other activities will also be resuming and more community cases may emerge.

Hence, it’s important for students to take extra precautions to stay safe as they return to school.

Here’s a guide.

Before school

1. Don’t go to school if you’re sick
If you are unwell, please stay at home! You are also required to stay home if you have a household member on Home Quarantine Order/Stay Home Notice, or if a household member has flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough.

2. Wear a mask

Before you step outside the house, ensure that you are wearing a mask. In situations where this may not be practical (eg. students with health conditions), you may wear a face shield instead.

School bus operators will be encouraged to implement fixed alternate seating as far as possible. If this is not posssible, fixed seating arrangements will be put in place. On both the school bus as well as on public transport, keep your mask on and refrain from talking.

While in school

3. Practise good hygiene
Wash your hands often and wipe down tables and shared equipment before and after use. Schools will be frequently cleaned, especially high touch surfaces. Disinfection will be done daily.

4. Monitor your health
You will be required to take your temperature daily.

5. Keep your mask on at all times
You may remove your mask when eating or drinking. You will also not be required to wear masks when participating in strenuous physical activities during PE. But put on our mask at all other times, such as when moving from your classroom to your PE lesson.

6. Keep to your class
Don’t mingle with friends in other classes and levels.

7. Follow fixed seating rules
Fixed exam-style seating in classrooms should be followed. Continue with spaced seating arrangements in the canteen where possible. Otherwise, fixed groups of up to 5 from the same class will be allowed.
You should also follow staggered arrival, dismissal and recess timings to reduce congestion.

After school

8. Come home as soon as you can
Avoid crowded places and minimise the time spent outside your home. Don’t hang-out at malls or other public places with your friends.

9. Speak softly in public places
If you take public transport home, or need to pass by other public spaces on your commute home, refrain from talking (or speak softly) to avoid spreading droplets.

Taking these precautions will ensure that our schools can reopen safely. MOE's guidelines can be found here.

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