Weddings are certainly a cause for joy and celebration.

But planning for one during Phase 3 of Singapore’s re-opening during this COVID-19 period can be more complicated.

Besides keeping to venue capacity limits, it is important for wedding organisers, venue operators, the bride, groom and their guests, to keep to Safe Management Measures (SMMs).

Here’s how you can keep safe during weddings.

1. Make sure you are well

For the sake of the bride, groom, and all the other guests, make sure you are not ill before attending the solemnisation or wedding. If you are feeling sick, see a doctor and stay home. Ask the couple if there are options to attend the wedding virtually.

2. Facilitate contact tracing

All wedding attendees must use TraceTogether and SafeEntry to help with contact tracing. Temperatures of all attendees should be taken before entry into the event.

In addition, the couple should inform the licensed solemniser of the names of all attendees and vendors engaged. Attendance records need to be kept for 14 days after the solemnisation.

3. Adhere to capacity limits

If the wedding is held in a home, keep to a maximum of 8 visitors. This excludes the solemniser, vendors and members of the host household.

Do note that if the event is being held in a home, you can only hold solemnisations and not a reception (with food and beverage). You could consider having a separate reception at venues where proper SMMs can be observed.

For weddings held at an external venue, including places of worship, you can have a maximum of 100 guests.

The guests will need to be split into:

- 2 zones of up to 50 pax each, OR

- Staggered timeslots of up to 50 pax per time slot, with 30 minutes between each session.

4. Distance between groups must be at least 1m apart

Besides a designated core of 20 persons (including the bride, groom and witnesses), the rest of the guests will need to keep to groups of up to 8 pax. The groups need to keep at least 1m apart at all times.

5. Follow fixed seating and keep to your zones

Guests will need to be assigned seats and food should be served to them. Buffets are not allowed. This also means that other freestanding activities such as photobooths are not allowed.

6. Mask up

The bride and groom must use a mask or face shield throughout the solemnisation. However, they can remove it for key moments, including the exchanging of vows and rings, to kiss and during the wedding march-ins and outs. During these moments, the couple needs to maintain a 2m distance from the rest of the guests.

All other attendees must keep their mask on throughout, except for when they are eating or drinking. They may remove their masks momentarily for photos.

All wedding organisers, venue operators & couples must adhere to SMMs.

Enforcement action will be taken against errant operators and individuals. This includes fines, suspension of operations and prosecution.

Wedding venue “The Orange Ballroom” at Tanjong Katong Complex was ordered to close for 20 days for allowing a couple to host three wedding receptions involving 275 persons on 30 Jan 2021.

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