As local transmission numbers have come down since the start of the Circuit Breaker on 7 April 2020, tightened measures can be gradually relaxed, and certain economic activities may be able to resume. This will help support our businesses and protect livelihoods.

To prevent a re-emergence of community cases of COVID-19, the Government will be introducing safe management measures – for individuals and businesses to adopt – as we exit the circuit breaker after 1 June 2020 and gradually resume normal activities.

Here are some of the key considerations, and what you can expect after 1 June 2020.

Why is there a need for safe management measures in the workplace?

The Ministry of Health (MOH) conducted a study of COVID-19 clusters in the community, and found that outside of the household setting, the majority of cases arose from workplace interactions. These include work meetings and discussions, as well as meals or social interactions among colleagues.

So, as we gradually resume activities, all businesses and individuals will need to uphold good practices and measures to minimise the need for prolonged interactions amongst staff and customers.

What kind of safe management measures will be in place?

Businesses and workplaces must put in place good safe management measures. These include:

Avoiding face-to-face meetings
Regular disinfection of common touchpoints and equipment

At workplaces, employees should avoid all social interactions with colleagues, including during meals and break times.

When outside of home, everyone must wear masks.

Basic hygiene practices – such as staying home when unwell, and practising good hand and personal hygiene – must continue.

For more on the safe management measures for businesses and workplaces, read here.  

In addition, businesses and services in operation must implement SafeEntry to log the check-in of employees and visitors. This will help contact tracers identify cluster links quickly and prevent new clusters from forming.

As a start, deployment will be mandatory for places where individuals are likely to be in close proximity for prolonged periods or in enclosed spaces, or where there is higher traffic. An updated list of locations where SafeEntry must be deployed can be found here.

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What personal measures should I take as I return to work?

Even as the circuit breaker measures ease after 1 June 2020, you should continue to stay at home as much as possible, and minimise movement outside of home. Social responsibility is critical in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Do continue to adopt good practices, and abide by safe distancing measures.

If all of us continue to practise personal social responsibility, as well as follow the safe management measures in the workplace, we will be able to gradually resume activities safely as we exit the circuit breaker.