Still on the fence about whether it is safe for you to get The Jab? No need to fret – at least not according to Mr Teo Khee Huat and Mdm Chue Khuan Hou, both Singaporeans who received their COVID-19 vaccinations, despite suffering from underlying health conditions. 

For Mr Teo and Mdm Chue, getting vaccinated means that they can stay healthy and active for themselves and their loved ones. As Mr Teo shared:  “Early prevention is better than cure!” 


“I started experiencing health issues in 2008 when I found occasional blood clots in the stools. I went to the polyclinic, thinking it was piles. But they ended up finding a 2.5cm tumour in my colon, that I soon learnt was cancerous.

A biopsy also found that I had a rare skin cancer. It was very early stage cancer, so thankfully, I didn’t have to go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Through surgery, the doctors managed to remove the tumour in my colon.

When I was offered the COVID-19 vaccine, I said, ‘Sure, why not!’. The cancer was in remission so there were no issues taking the vaccine.

I’ve also been taking blood thinning medications for Chronic Venous Insufficiency, enlarged prostate glands and an irregular heartbeat. To make sure I could take the vaccines, I checked with the doctor at the vaccination centre, who gave me the go-ahead to do so.

The morning after my first jab, I felt well enough to go for my 3km brisk walk. I didn’t experience any issues with my second jab too.

My friends ask me if I’ve done my jab. Some say they prefer to wait and see. I assured one of them, ‘You are only 80 years old! My jogging kakis are 86 and 90 and they went through the jab with no issues! We are living examples.’

We always say that early diagnosis is the best treatment for cancer. The chance of recovery is higher. Likewise, for COVID-19 - if there is a way to prevent it, why not?"

– Teo Khee Huat, 78, colorectal and skin cancer survivor, Chairperson of the Singapore Cancer Society SemiColon Support Group

“I’ve had high cholesterol for about 10 years. I also went for an angioplasty (ballooning) before – for blocked arteries.

Because of my heart condition, before I went for the vaccination, I checked with the doctor at the polyclinic to ask if it was suitable for me. He assured me that it is suitable, and encouraged me to go for it. With that, I asked my daughter to help me to register for the vaccination.

I did my injections at the Community Club. The wait took about 5 to 10 minutes, and then after taking the jab, I waited half an hour to make sure everything was ok. I didn’t have noticeable side effects after the jabs.

Vaccination is important because I want to continue to be active. Every morning, I do a little exercise, then I go to the market to get food and groceries. I also want to be healthy enough to look after my 11-month-old grandson.

Because of my medical conditions, I think it’s even more important that I take the COVID-19 vaccination. I want to protect myself.”

 Mdm Chue Khuan Hou, 65, a grandma who has taken both doses of her COVID-19 vaccine despite suffering from a heart condition and high cholesterol


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