Singapore is a leading global financial centre, hosting 1,800 financial institutions. Our Financial Services sector offers many good jobs for Singaporeans - both in specialist roles such as compliance and risk management, as well as emerging areas such as FinTech.

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For mid-career workers with experience
Data Analyst
Data Analysts collect, process and analyse data. They translate data into insights to help organisations and companies make informed business decisions.

As organisations rely increasingly on data to make business decisions, more Data Analysts will be needed.
Data Scientist
Data Scientists collect and interpret data through scientific methods. They use the results to analyse risk and generate insights for organisations to make informed decisions.

With increasing reliance on data and machine learning, the demand for Data Scientists continues to be very high across various industries.
Relationship Manager
Relationship Managers start, maintain and grow business relationships between clients/ business partners and the organisation. They advise clients on products and services that are best suited to their needs. They also proactively monitor clients to manage any potential issues.

Relationship managers are often the main point of contact for clients and partners in the financial services sector. As demand for financial services grows, the need for Relationship Managers will continue to rise.
For mid-career workers with no experience
Account Operations Analyst
Account Operations Analysts are responsible for managing the customer’s account, from opening to closing and everything in between. They ensure that protocol is followed while providing quality customer service.

As the financial services industry provides more services, client servicing roles within the financial sector will continue to be needed.
Client Service/Client Support Service
Client Service/Client Support Service professionals ensure Service Level Agreements with clients are met. They maintain good relationships with clients while managing their expectations. They also resolve conflicts in line with organisational protocol.

More client servicing roles within the financial sector will be needed as the industry provides more services.
Know your Customer/Customer Due Diligence Analyst
Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence Analysts are financial institution's first line of defence in Anti-Money Laundering measures. They are responsible for the onboarding of new and prospective clients, conducting periodic Know Your Customer reviews and checking Customer Due Diligence Information of existing accounts for any suspicious activity.

With global economies becoming ever more interconnected and financial services ever more complex, this role will be highly sought after in the financial services sector.

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