President Halimah Yacob: Securing our future in a different world
President Halimah Yacob: Securing our future in a different world
The President spoke about how Singaporeans need to work together to confront major changes in the world, and secure a brighter future for all of us
min read Published on 24 Aug 2020
In her address for the first session of the Fourteenth Parliament, President Halimah Yacob spoke about the major changes in the world, and what we must do to tackle them together as a nation. She noted that the global and domestic situations have changed, and there would be no going back to the status quo. For Singapore to continue to succeed, we would need to understand the changes happening, rethink our problems and improve on the current situation. 
 " To survive and thrive, we must stand out compared to other countries. We need to be more resilient and nimble than others in responding to change. We must do things that others cannot do, and do the things that others can do, even better.  "
- President Halimah Yacob

Here’s a summary of her address:

1. Securing jobs for Singaporeans

- Jobs will remain our top priority for the next few years. The Government will continue to look out for lower-wage and mature workers
- We will resume air travel safely, to maintain Singapore’s role as a global and regional hub. We will strengthen digital connectivity and help companies develop their links to new markets.
- The Government will also push for sustainable growth in our city-planning and infrastructure.

2. Building a Fair and Just Society 

- To build a stronger and more cohesive society, the Government will do more to support every Singaporean, at each stage of life. 
- We will continue to strengthen safety nets in a financially sustainable way, support young families, and take good care of our seniors.
- We also have to continue strengthening social mobility and broadening our conception of merit.

" Building a fair and just society goes beyond Government actions. It requires the support and participation of all Singaporeans…

We have made progress over the last decade, and we will do much more in this term of Government to see our people through this crisis and beyond. The more closely knit we are as a people, the further we can move ahead as a nation.  "
- President Halimah Yacob

3. Strengthening our Singaporean identity

- In the longer-term, the key to Singapore’s success lies in our sense of shared identity. 
- We must recognise larger forces are at play that test our solidarity and pull us in different directions, such as social media amplifying contenting voices and views.
- Our multiracialism is still a work in progress - each successive generation will bring different life experiences and perspectives. Singaporeans must continue to work hard to listen to and understand one another.

4. Evolving our politics

- The Government and opposition both have roles to play to build trust in our public institutions, achieve good outcomes for Singapore
- We will encounter many differences in the views and interests of Singaporeans, but we must learn to handle these differences constructively. On some issues, we can agree to disagree. But on issues core to Singapore’s survival and future, we must do our best to find common ground and build a broad consensus. 
- The key question is how to forge a common cause together, regardless of our own political inclinations.

 " So let us work in close partnership, as Singapore Together – one people uniting behind our elected Government – to save lives, protect livelihoods, and secure a brighter future for ourselves and our children.  "

 - President Halimah Yacob