What happens when a resident of the Singapore Girls’ Home doesn’t return after curfew? How does an urban planner take into consideration contesting viewpoints before going ahead with redevelopment plans?

Told through the lenses of four Singaporean directors, P.S. is an artistic interpretation of the work that our public officers do.

Sufyan Saman, who directed the film “P.S. Finding L” about the Singapore Girls’ Home resident says, “When I met Natashah, a Youth Guidance Officer at the Singapore Girls’ Home, I could see her passion and dedication – which is what drew me to her story.”

Sharing similar sentiments is Poh Yan Zhao, who directed “P.S In One’s Shoes”, a story about a research officer from the Ministry of Manpower. “Most of us would not think about what goes behind the crafting of policies or plans. My short story is a glimpse into the act of stepping into someone’s shoes.”

The series title "P.S." is short for "Postscript", or "Postscriptum" in latin, which literally means "written after".

Just as P.S. is often added at the end of a letter or a note, the title signifies the thoughts that happen after a specific incident has occurred.

In this way, the films tell the stories of public officers and how they make a difference to the lives of Singaporeans.

The series covers stories from officers

  • Siti Natashah Binte Mohd Nah, Singapore Girls’ Home
  • Anastasia Goh, Co-Lab, Ministry of Manpower
  • Stephanie Wee, Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • Ng Yu Man, National Environment Agency

Launched as a collaboration with Splash Productions, the films were launched in conjunction with Public Service Week 2019.

Watch the full films here:

P.S. In One’s Shoes

How far will you go to put yourself in someone else's shoes?



P.S. Finding L

What happens when a young girl fails to return Home after curfew?



P.S. Farrer Park

Who do you pass the ball to?



P.S. Nothing Gold can Stay

... So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay



Don’t forget to catch behind-the-scenes interviews of the individuals and actual events that inspired each of these stories


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