Home is in the hours we’re together. 

“Regardless Of” follows the journey of different Singaporeans who are able to overcome their difficulties and circumstances by seizing new opportunities. 

Launched in October 2019, this four-month long collaboration between the six students, creative agency Tribal Worldwide, production house MLC TV, and the government is the first collaboration of its kind. 

These stories, scripted and directed by young students under the guidance of industry leaders, give voice and hope to the next generation “regardless of” race, language, religion and background. 

Student directors (from left to right) Sherry Yap, Sunder Nagayah, Ong Ren Wei, Lan Yu, Lionel Seah, Iqbal Saifuddin Ahmad at the Regardless of Launch on Feb 6, 2020.

Recounting the inspiration behind his film on the topic of healthcare, Ngee Ann Polytechnic film student Lionel Seah said, “I feel strongly that the older generation in Singapore has sacrificed a lot, [and] these sacrifices inspire the younger generation like us to continue to learn from them.” 

Sharing similar sentiments, NUS fresh graduate Iqbal Saifuddin Ahmad said that his film “explore(s) how both generations come together to not only bond on a deeper level, but also address the issue of active ageing in the community.”

NUS graduate Lan Yu and co-director Ren Wei who is a Temasek polytechnic film student, hoped to show a true reflection of the everyday lives of Singaporeans and their living environment through their topic of housing. 

Sunder Nagayah, second-year film student at NTU calls his short film a ‘slice of life’, as he portrays a retired father on screen having a deep conversation with his daughter about lifelong learning.

NTU digital film student Sherry Yap, who filmed a story on public transport, said “Through this film, I want to portray that taking public transport together with people, can actually forge friendships and build connections with other people.” 

Catch the full films, laughter and bloopers behind-the-scenes here!