[Updated 25 April 2022]

From 26 April 2022, in-person visits to hospitals and residential care homes will be allowed for everyone regardless of the vaccination status of patients, residents and visitors. 

To protect vulnerable patients and residents from infection, hospitals and homes may continue to put in place certain safe management measures (SMMs) such as:

i. Pre-registration of visitors for patients in hospitals; and 
ii. Allowing only two visitors at the bedside each time to avoid crowding in the wards/Homes

Visits to residential care homes will be capped at one hour, to allow all families of residents the opportunity to visit. 
A summary of these SMMs for visitors is listed below: 
 Dos  Don’ts
  • Schedule the visits with the homes ahead of time
  • Exercise social responsibility by administering a COVID-19 self-test before visiting the patients/residents 
  • Don face masks^ with good filtration capability at all times
  • Abide by the hospital’s visiting hours
  • Visit the patients and residents if you are feeling unwell 
  • Eat or drink in the hospital wards 
  • Use the patients’ toilets in the wards/Homes
  • Sit on patients’/residents’ beds 
  • Disturb other patients from their rest 

^These include surgical masks and reusable masks that are made of two layers of fabric.

Visits may be suspended if a residential care home is managing active COVID-19 cases. Next-of-kin of residents may approach the home for further details. 
For more information, refer to MOH's press release.
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