What does a lifeguard, lifelong learner, foster parent and chef have in common?

As a sequel to “The Merdeka Stories” – which depicted the lives of our Merdeka Generation growing up amidst the uncertainty of Singapore’s formative years – “The Merdeka Stories II” follows them into the present day, illustrating how our Merdeka Generation continues to play an important role in Singapore today. 

Inspired by the present day stories of actual Merdeka Generation seniors, “The Merdeka Stories II” comprises four short films that explore the ways in which our Merdeka Generation give back to society, pursue their passions in active ageing and lifelong learning, as well as pass on their legacies to the next generation.

Recounting the experience of meeting various Merdeka Generation profiles in the process of writing for the films, local writer Jean Tay said, “I am inspired by [the Merdeka Generation’s] generosity of spirit in passing on and sharing their experiences with those younger than them, and it amazes me how much energy and passion they have to do what they do.”

Special education teacher, Barbara D’Cotta, 60, who inspired the film “A Teacher’s Education”, said “Many of my friends and peers in the Merdeka Generation went through similar hurdles in their lives when they had to hold back, whether it was family or because of finances”, but “The message is that it’s never, never too late.”

Watch the full films here:

A Lifesaver’s Passion (Directed by Wee Li Lin)

A Merdeka Generation uncle, inspired by his son to take up lifesaving, struggles with self-doubt and scepticism from his younger and sprightlier coursemates. Will he graduate?

A Chef’s Legacy (Directed by Bertrand Lee)

When one chapter closes for a Merdeka Generation chef, another one opens when he is unexpectedly reminded of a certain childhood dish. Will he cook again?

A Mother’s Heart (Directed by Sufyan Sam’an)

When a Merdeka Generation mum opens her heart to foster a 3-month-old baby, she discovers that love knows no bounds. Can she keep up with the demands of becoming a “new mum” at the age of 60?

A Teacher’s Education (Directed by Don Aravind)

A Merdeka Generation educator, who had given up further studies to support her family when she was young, never forgot the value and joy of learning. An opportunity now opens up for her to do something for herself. Will she succeed?