Safe management measures at workplaces have been reviewed to provide greater flexibility for businesses and employees, while limiting the risks of COVID-19 transmission. The following updated requirements will take effect from 5 Apr 2021.

1. More employees may return to the workplace

  • Employers are encouraged to continue work-from-home arrangements, but more employees will be allowed to return to the workplace to better support work and business operations.
  • Up to 75% of the employees can be at the workplace at any time, up from the current 50% limit.
  • Current cap on the time an employee spends at the workplace will be lifted.
  • Employers should continue to stagger start times and implement flexible working hours where possible.
  • Not mandatory to maintain split team arrangement, but companies may continue to adopt such arrangements for business continuity purposes. 
  • Restrictions against cross-deployment across workplaces remain in place.

2. Limit size of social gatherings

  • Social/recreational gatherings (e.g. team bonding events organised by the employer) must be limited to a total size of no more than 8 persons.

3. Remaining vigilant to keep workplaces safe

  • Employers must continue to implement the prevailing safe management measures such as regular cleaning of common spaces, demarcating safe physical distancing and mask wearing at all times.
  • In organising work-related events, companies are reminded to adhere to the necessary safe distancing and capacity limits to keep employees and stakeholders safe.
    • Due to the higher risk of transmission when people are unmasked, companies should avoid holding events over mealtimes as far as possible.
  • If there is increased risk of COVID-19 resurgence, more stringent measures at workplaces will have to be re-introduced.

Enforcement actions will be taken against employers who fail to comply with the safe management measures, and that will include the possibility of workplace closures.

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