The Expert Committee on COVID-19 Vaccination (EC19V) had previously recommended that the following groups of persons receive a second COVID-19 booster:

  1. All persons aged 80 years and above;
  2. Persons living in aged care facilities;
  3. Medically vulnerable persons at higher risk of severe COVID-19

Second booster shot for those aged 50 to 59
The EC19V is now recommending that a second booster can be offered to all persons aged 50 years and older to further increase their protection against COVID-19. This is in addition to those aged 60 years and older. The second booster should be given around five months after the first booster. They may walk into any Vaccination Centre offering mRNA vaccines from 10 June 2022 to receive their second booster.

EC19V has assessed that persons aged 50 to 59 years who wish to take their second booster may also do so at about five months after their first booster. From 10 June 2022, persons aged 50 and above who wish to receive their second booster may do so by walking into any Vaccination Centre  offering mRNA vaccines.

Second booster shot for medically vulnerable persons aged 18 and above
Persons aged 18 years and older, who are medically vulnerable to severe COVID-19, can now receive their second booster without the need for a physician’s referral. From 1 July 2022, medically vulnerable persons with specific health conditions[1] may self-declare their health conditions to receive their second booster by walking into any Vaccination Centre, Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) and polyclinics that offer vaccinations.

Other medically vulnerable persons will continue to be able to receive the second booster by providing a referral memo from their treating doctors. More details on the template of the self-declaration form will be announced in the coming weeks via MOH’s website.

[1] These medical conditions include chronic diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organ systems. Please refer to the Annex in the press release for more info. 

Private Vaccination Programme Extended to All
The Private Vaccination Programme (PVP) will now be extended to all individuals in Singapore aged 18 and above, including local residents. This will allow individuals who wish to take additional vaccine doses, but who do not quality under the National Vaccination Programme, to do so based on a doctor’s assessment. Vaccinations under PVP will be at the individual’s own cost. Please refer to for the updated list of PVP providers.

Extending the Recommended Primary Vaccination Series Dosing Interval
The recommended dosing interval between the first two doses of a COVID-19 primary vaccination series had been set at 21 to 28 days depending on the vaccine used. There is now more evidence that an extended interval may confer better immune response and vaccine effectiveness.

EC19V now recommends the dosing interval to be extended to eight weeks between the first two doses of the primary vaccination series for all COVID-19 vaccines[1] available under the National Vaccination Programme, for those who have yet to be vaccinated with their primary vaccination series.

Individuals particularly at risk of exposure to COVID-19 or more susceptible to severe disease may still receive the doses earlier than the eight-week interval but not less than the previously established minimum intervals[2].

[1] Vaccines available under the National Vaccination Programme are: Pfizer-BionTech/Comirnaty, Moderna/Spikevax, Novavax/Nuvaxovid and Sinovac-Coronavac.
[2] The minimum intervals that the first two doses of the vaccines should be taken are: 21 days for Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty and Novavax/Nuvaxovid, 28 days for Moderna/Spikevax and Sinovac-CoronaVac.


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