Cancer-stricken and all on her own?

No Singaporean will be denied access to basic healthcare because of affordability issues.


A cancer-stricken mother who is struggling financially made a petition on a crowdfunding site in order to raise funds to pay for her daily living expenses. Her petition gave extensive details of the treatment she is undergoing for cancer. Her plight was picked up by an online news site leading some netizens to wonder why she was struggling on her own without government assistance.

There are many schemes available to help Singaporeans in need.  

As the mother subsequently noted on her crowdfunding page, she is receiving assistance for her medical fees through Medifund, a safety net to help needy Singaporeans.


Over the last three years, the Family Service Centre (FSC) provided her with support, while the local Grassroots Organisations provided her with periodic food vouchers and cash. The Social Service Office had also referred her to other community support. Although she had closed her case with the Family Service Centre at her request, the FSC have told the mother that she could return to the FSC if she needed further help.

The Government is sympathetic to her plight and wish her well as she continues to receive treatment for her cancer.

All Singaporeans receive heavy subsidies of up to 80% of the total bill in acute public hospital wards. If you need help with your medical bills, you can approach the hospital’s medical social worker to assess your situation and provide assistance. You may also approach the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s Social Service Offices to be assessed for financial assistance.

For more information on the various schemes and subsidies available, you can click on the links below.

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This article is accurate as of Apr 2016.

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