How did one case of Zika infection increase to 41 within a day?

Most of the cases surfaced after MOH took quick action to conduct broader checks.


Most of the cases surfaced after MOH took quick action to conduct broader checks.

On 27 August, the Ministry of Health and National Environment Agency confirmed the first locally-transmitted case of the Zika virus, as well as the presence of three other suspect cases involving people who live or work in the Aljunied Crescent/Sims Drive area. The number of confirmed cases increased to 41 just a day later on 28 August.

How did one confirmed case increase to 41 cases in just a day? There are several factors for this:

1. The additional cases were identified after MOH conducted active testing of past patients who could potentially have been infected persons. Most of these patients have since recovered.

Timeline of the Zika infection

2. People who have been infected by Zika will show no or mild symptoms only. As the majority of people infected with the virus do not show symptoms, it is likely that some transmission may already have taken place before these cases of Zika were confirmed.

3. Mosquitoes in the area may have already infected new and unreported cases of other people who may not yet show any symptoms.

Due to the factors above, it is expected that more positive cases will be identified in the coming days as the screening of close contacts continue.

Thus, you should not be alarmed if there is a sudden increase in the number of positive cases.

You can play a part in reducing the risk of further spread of Zika. Do the

to prevent mosquito breeding in your home. If you have travelled to an affected country, or live in an area with a known Zika case, monitor your health and consult a doctor if you are unwell, especially if you have a fever and rash.

Source: MOH - Localised Community Spread Of Zika Virus Infection With More Cases Confirmed

This article is accurate as of Aug 2016.

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