How do I vote on 11th September when I am overseas?

You can only vote if you have registered as an overseas elector previously.


You can only vote at an overseas polling station if you are registered as an overseas elector and have been allotted to cast your vote at that overseas polling station.  

If you are not a registered overseas elector, you will not be allowed to vote at any overseas polling station. 
Can I still register as an overseas elector?

You can register to be an overseas elector before the writ of election is issued. Since the writ of election for GE2015 has been issued, registration as an overseas elector for GE2015 is no longer open.

I’m an approved overseas elector, but I can’t vote on 11 Sep. How?

If you do not vote, you will be struck off the register of electors. When you apply to be reinstated in the register, you will also need to register as an overseas elector again, to be able to vote from overseas in the future.

Source: ELD

This article is accurate as of Aug 2015.

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