MOM clarifies inaccuracies in TWC2’s articles on foreign workers’ employment issues

MOM has investigated and presents the facts surrounding the cases published in various TWC2’s articles, which contained inaccurate and false information.


The Transient Workers Count Too is a non-profit organisation set up to “promote fair treatment for foreign workers.” Over the years, TWC2 has published various articles about foreign workers’ and their volunteers’ experiences.

However, TWC2 has published inaccurate or false information on many occasions. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has investigated the claims and published their investigations and facts surrounding the cases. A few examples are highlighted below.


TWC2 claim:

Alaguraja was injured at work and was brought to his “company” clinic in Lavender. His employer influenced the clinic and compelled him to continue working after his injury. 

MOM clarifies:

Alaguraja indicated in his statement to MOM that he went to the Lavender clinic on his own, without any employer’s representatives, and stopped working the day he was injured.


TWC2 claim:

Hossain’s work injury claim took over 15 months, and his employer failed to pay for his upkeep. Injured workers are not allowed to work or leave Singapore during the claims process. 

MOM clarifies:

Hossain only reported his injury to MOM more than six months after it happened. MOM completed the investigations and issued a Notice of Assessment within eight months. However, Hossain later withdrew the claim to pursue his claim under common law.

Hossain did not face any problems with his employer, who was prepared to keep his work permit “live” and take him back, should Hossain recover fully. The employer had also paid for Hossain’s air ticket to and from Bangladesh when he requested to go home for medical treatment.


TWC2 claim:

Sarkar came to work in Singapore as an S-Pass holder, and was made to remain in the country by MOM to assist in investigations. He was denied upkeep assistance and could not find a job because of MOM’s “poor” policies.

MOM clarifies:

Sarkar had multiple job offers, including air-con servicing, dormitory servicing and manufacturing, but of his own volition, rejected most of them.

MOM had offered to assist him with food and accommodation but he had declined the offer twice. Sarkar denied telling TWC2 that he needed to pay for his own food and accommodation. He was aware that he could approach MOM should he require help but had not done so as his friend was supporting him.

MOM wishes to highlight the following…

  • Reporting injuries directly: Workers can report their injuries to MOM directly if they suspect that their employers are trying to circumvent reporting, or influencing doctors to under-prescribe medical leave.


  • Help for work injury, upkeep and accommodation issues: Foreign workers who need help for these issues are strongly encouraged to contact MOM’s helpline directly at 6438 5122 or, the Migrant Workers’ Centre at 6536 2692, or their respective embassies/high commissions.

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