Which formula milk is best for your child?

All brands sold in S’pore meet infants’ nutritional needs & can be used as part of a balanced diet.

Formula milk

Breast milk is best for babies. But if you need to use formula milk, here’s what you should know.

Price does not indicate quality

All infant milk formula sold in Singapore provide sufficient basic nutrition for infants to grow healthily. There is little difference in the key nutrients offered by different brands of milk.

While some brands offer higher levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in their milk, more is not necessarily better. Studies on the benefits of increased amounts of DHA have not been conclusive. Also, the more expensive brands may not have higher levels of DHA than cheaper brands.

More important to build a balanced diet

Once your child is six months old, you should focus on weaning him and moving him slowly to a solid food diet that is balanced and nutritious.

There are plenty of foods you can introduce at this stage to provide your growing child with protein and other nutrients he needs. There is in fact more DHA in fish such as as ikan bilis, batang (Spanish mackerel) and salmon than in premium formula milk.

Delaying the introduction of solid food to your child can lead to problems like fussy eating and developmental issues.

Once your child is one year old, you can give him regular cow’s milk (instead of formula milk), as part of a balanced diet.

The tables below provide details on food groups and servings recommended by the Health Promotion Board.

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Source: HPB

Weaning babies off formula milk 


This article is accurate as of May 2017.

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