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Meet four inspiring individuals who embraced the opportunities and support given to them, and rose above their challenges.

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Find out how these Singaporeans overcame challenges with the right support and help from the community.

Switching for the better

At age 40, Desmond Khoo switched from the media to the healthcare industry and found his calling as a radiographer.

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Paying it forward

As a student, Zulayqha Zulkifli received education support. Now she pays it forward by helping disadvantaged families.

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Seizing second chances

Daniel Ravindran turned his life around at ITE and with support, went on to graduate from polytechnic and university.

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Blooming and moving up the ranks

Landscaper Ng Mun Hoe upskilled through the Progressive Wage Model and rose through the ranks to become a supervisor.

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Returning home to new opportunities

When Suriah Bte Abd Jalil returned to Singapore after being away for 5 years, her biggest concern was to secure a job. She did it with the help of a work attachment.

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Stepping up for a better future

Madam Yeo became a cleaner to support her family after her husband’s passing. Through the Progressive Wage Model, she was promoted and better able to provide for her daughter.

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Overcoming tough times

An unexpected event in her family changed Jenny Ong’s life. With education subsidies and determination, she got back on her feet.

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