For Workers

Find out how the Singapore Budget 2017 can help you keep up with a fast-changing economy.

  • Doctor in a hospital

    Growing and developing Singapore’s healthcare workers

    Scholarships and training programmes to help grow and transform the healthcare workforce.

    09 Mar 2017

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  • Sad child

    Strengthening the people sector for a more caring Singapore

    Developing the social service sector to be a vehicle for social change.

    08 Mar 2017

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  • cbd worker 03

    Towards a progressive and inclusive workplace for all

    Older workers, low wage workers, and workers with caregiving responsibilities to receive more help from the Government.

    06 Mar 2017

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  • Engineer working in a network server room

    Helping PMETs and other workers as we move into the Future Economy

    Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say outlines four core employment outcomes and how his Ministry plans to achieve them.

    06 Mar 2017

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  • PMETs at work

    Public Service to build capabilities and enhance schemes

    Digital, engineering capabilities key focus for the Public Service.

    02 Mar 2017

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  • Programmers at a start-up

    Budget 2017 aims to help the Singaporean worker adapt to a rapidly changing world

    Building overseas experience and deepening skills a focus for workers

    20 Feb 2017

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