Building a confident and resilient Singapore through sports and heritage

MCCY to enhance high performance sports system, start heritage plan for Singapore.

09 Mar 2017

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu and Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth Baey Yam Keng announced today (9 March) enhancements to the sports and heritage sectors, in a bid to build a confident Singapore where every Singaporean plays a part in creating the future.

Enhancing High Performance Sports System: MCCY will enhance the High Performance Sports (HPS) system by focusing on applying science and know-how to help athletes raise their game, providing long term commitment, and encouraging corporates, parents and the public to rally behind the athletes. As part of that, MCCY will set up a ‘One Team Singapore matching grant’, which will match sports donations up to $50 million into the Vision 2030 Fund, dollar-for-dollar, over the next five years.

Heritage Plan for Singapore: The National Heritage Board (NHB) will embark on a Heritage Plan for Singapore, which will set out the national vision and action plans for a museum and heritage landscape that will foster a stronger sense of belonging and identity among Singaporeans.

An aspect that NHB will look at is policy and legislative reviews that will enable archaeology to be better conducted in Singapore. This will contribute towards a fuller picture of Singapore’s history, going further back than the country’s half a century of independence.

The Heritage Plan aims to nurture an active community, which takes ownership of Singapore’s heritage. MCCY will seek the views of different groups of stakeholders and different segments of society on a wide range of topics such as heritage preservation, education and promotion, and making heritage spaces and programmes more accessible and inclusive.

Over the next few months, NHB will continue to hold engagement sessions with heritage stakeholders and partners. Singaporeans will also be invited to provide their views on the plan later in 2017 at public roadshows, online platforms and other channels.

MCCY targets to publish the first edition of the Heritage Plan in early 2018, with an update every 5 years.