MEWR accepts Hawker Centre 3.0 Committee recommendations

These include measures to encourage aspiring hawkers, and help existing ones.

08 Mar 2017

The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) has accepted the recommendations of the Hawker Centre 3.0 Committee. The Committee submitted its report in February 2017 after a year of extensive consultations with various stakeholders, including hawkers, patrons, cleaning service providers and members of the public.

For aspiring hawkers

The Government will launch an incubation stall programme during the second half of the year. The incubation stalls will be located at several hawker centres and will be pre-fitted by the National Environment Agency to allow aspiring hawkers experience the hawker life for a period of six months. This will help these aspiring hawkers to decide if they are suitable for the trade without significant investments on their part.

MEWR will also work with Institutes of Technical Educations (ITEs) to develop a short course for aspiring hawkers. These course will provide aspiring hawkers with basic business management skills to help them set up and manage a hawker business.

To complement this, a one-stop information and service centre for existing and aspiring hawkers will also be set up. This centre can provide useful information, such as how to tender for a stall, information on food hygiene and hawker trade courses, and the range of kitchen automation equipment available.

For existing hawkers

To alleviate concerns about the cost of productivity initiatives, the Government will set aside about S$90 million to facilitate the adoption of productivity initiatives in hawker centres. This fund will support centre-level initiatives such as centralised dishwashing integrated with tray return and cashless payment solutions, in up to 25 existing hawker centres. The Government will co-fund up to 70% of the operating costs such initiatives for a period of time. This will help lower adoption costs and realise manpower and cost savings in the longer term.

A Hawker Productivity Grant will also be set up to promote productivity at individual stalls. The Grant will co-fund the purchase of suitable kitchen automation equipment. Each stall-holder can claim 80% of the qualifying cost of the equipment. They can be reimbursed for up to a total of S$5,000 within 3 years. This Grant will be made available from the third quarter of 2017.