Punggol North: New growth centre for digital, cyber-security industry

Master Developer JTC to have flexibility in developing entire district.

07 Mar 2017

Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong introduced Punggol North as a new growth centre in Parliament today (7 March 2017), in addition to the Jurong Lake District (JLD).

Punggol North

Designated as a mixed-use area, comprising residential land uses, the new Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) campus, and commercial and business park users, Punggol New Town will have growth clusters that focus on the digital and cyber-security industries. Punggol itself will be a key area to drive Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives.

Minister Lawrence Wong also revealed that Punggol North will be Singapore’s first “Enterprise District”, where the Government will try out several new planning concepts.

One new planning concept is the appointment of Master Developers. JTC will be appointed as the Master Developer for the whole Punggol district, allowing it the flexibility to develop the district based on land use and Gross Plot Ratio guidelines at the overall district level. JTC will be able to optimise land use and integrate different users’ needs.

Master Developers like JTC can more comprehensively design and implement good pedestrian connectivity and public spaces, and plan and implement district-wide systems, such as district cooling and pneumatic waste conveyance systems to support the district.

The Master Developer approach will additionally be introduced in other new residential and mixed use districts, such as Kampong Bugis, where private developers will also be given greater flexibility in planning and developing at a district level.

Jurong Lake District

MND will also develop the Jurong Lake District (JLD) into a Central Innovation District.

The JLD will be close to other knowledge and economic centres, such as the Jurong Innovation District, CleanTech Park, NTU campus, and the new Tuas Terminal that is being built in the West.

When the High Speed Rail (HSR) station is completed, the JLD will also have a central linear park on the surface connecting to Jurong Lake Gardens, which is being enhanced and revamped as Singapore’s new National Gardens in the West.