Cultivating resilience and confidence in our youth

MCCY is supporting the aspirations of Singaporeans in sports and through greater ASEAN tie-ups

08 Mar 2018

Supporting youth development for a vibrant and united ASEAN

Singapore holds the ASEAN Chairmanship this year, and is well-positioned to enact opportunities for youth to appreciate and realise the potential of ASEAN in driving the region’s future.

Three key initiatives will empower, engage, and nurture the diverse groups of youth in ASEAN.

First, the Singapore-ASEAN Youth fund will be renewed. It supports ground-up initiatives by ASEAN youth in areas such as community service and leadership development. Since its establishment in 2007, the Fund has supported numerous meaningful projects, that have benefitted over 22,000 ASEAN youth.

Next, the inaugural ASEAN eSports tournament will launch in 2018, the first of its kind in the region. It taps on the tremendous potential of eSports to connect communities through sportsmanship and passion.

Finally, an ASEAN Youth Fellowship programme will be introduced to allow young leaders in ASEAN to engage with each other, creating a closer-knit ASEAN community. It will be an annual platform for these ASEAN Youth Fellows to discuss key opportunities and issues with each other. Youth of Singapore will also be able to interact with the next generation of ASEAN leaders.

These initiatives will enable all to appreciate ASEAN’s rich cultural diversity, as well as strengthen the ties within ASEAN through youth. 

Building a resilient and confident youth

The High Performance Sports system will be enhanced to better support Team Singapore athletes. For example, areas such as coach development through CoachSG, sports science and medicine capability, as well as athlete support systems will be further enhanced.

MCCY is introducing customised support for selected Team Singapore athletes, and will begin with setting aside $2 million in 2018 for the upcoming Asian Games and Asian Para Games. This customised support is above and beyond existing funding, such as the One Team Singapore Fund (OTSF).

The OTSF, launched in 2017, raised over $1.5 million in half a year. Individuals can pledge to this fund and the Government will provide one-for-one matching of up to $50 million, over 5 years.


In 2017, the 5-day MOE-OBS Challenge programme co-launched by MCCY and the Ministry of Education (MOE) brought together more than 6,000 students from diverse backgrounds. Results from the programme were promising, with about 90% of participants reporting a better appreciation of diversity, as well as being better at working with peers of a variety of backgrounds.

While the OBS@Coney campus is underway, MCCY will continue partnering with MOE to refine the programme, and ultimately roll out this five-day outdoor programme to all secondary schools.