Fostering a cohesive society

Supporting Singaporeans in coming together through conversation and sport.

08 Mar 2018

Upgrading and developing new sports facilities to support all Singaporeans

To provide Singaporeans with more space and opportunities to engage in sports, MCCY is introducing 6 new Sports-in-Precinct facilities, 2 new sports centres, 2 new play fields, and more dual-use facilities.

Existing sports facilities will be adapted to suit Singaporeans of all ages and abilities.

Under the Disability Sports Master Plan, 3 inclusive gyms and 4 disability sports programmes have been launched since 2016. This year through ActiveSG, SportsSG will be launching 2 more inclusive gyms and more disability sports programmes, such as Wheelchair Tennis.

There will be 8 more ActiveSG Academies and Clubs in Aquatics, Canoeing, Dance Fit, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Volleyball, and Youth Sports.


More open conversations on race and religion

MCCY continues to grow platforms to facilitate open dialogue and interaction.

MCCY is expanding the outreach of BRIDGE, which establishes safe spaces for sensitive conversations on race and religion. Its projects are being scaled up to engage even wider audiences and deepen their understandings on such themes. For example, the successful Ask Me Anything (Islam) Series led on to more collaborations, such as the Ask Me Anything (Buddhism) Series and the Ask Me Anything (Christianity) Series.

Under the SGSecure Community Network established in 2017, MCCY will continue to build partnerships with religious organisations to be more crisis-ready. This network proactively bridges potential social tensions in Singapore, fostering a more cohesive and resilient people against the threat of extremism.

Launching Youth Conversations

To empower youths with a greater stake and say in shaping Singapore’s future, MCCY is launching Youth Conversations in April 2018.


Youth Conversations will be a sustained and long term platform for diverse groups of youths to voice their views, discuss issues of choice that concern them, and co-create solutions. MCCY will experiment with novel modes of engagement, with more interactive and candid conversations. Different methods of engagement, such as hackathons and Citizen’s Jury, will also be conducted. To remain connected through technology, MCCY is developing a digital platform enabling real-time conversations, where participants and build and sustain connections with each other.


More information on the Youth Conversations can be found here: https://nyc.gov.sg/youthconversations