Safeguarding Singapore’s heritage

Celebrating the heart and history of our nation

08 Mar 2018

An understanding of Singapore’s history underpins an appreciation of the Singapore spirit. To strengthen the Singapore identity for current and future generations to treasure, MCCY is implementing Our SG Heritage Plan. It is the first national masterplan charting the future of Singapore’s heritage, where community co-creation and ownership are central tenets. The plan will spearhead endeavours to safeguard and promote Singapore’s shared heritage, and sets out long-term objectives extending to 2030.

Launching Our SG Heritage Plan

The first five-year instalment of Our SG Heritage Plan will be a comprehensive national masterplan to promote and preserve Singapore’s heritage. $66 million will go into this plan, which was shaped by the contributions of over 34,000 Singaporeans from all walks of life. Its four key themes celebrate Our Places, Our Cultures, Our Treasures, and Our Communities.

More ground-up heritage projects, digital touch points, and museum exhibitions will empower all to play a part in keeping Singapore’s shared heritage vibrant. 

Promoting our intangible cultural heritage

Earlier in 2018, Singapore ratified the UNESCO 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. This will pave the way for an element of Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage to be on UNESCO’s Representative List. MCCY will continue engaging the community to uncover the intangibles that resonate and represent Singaporeans’ shared culture. 

Heritage considerations in upstream land-use planning

To better preserve Singapore’s tangible heritage, the National Heritage Board will develop even better strategies to balance heritage considerations at the early stages in development plans.