Supporting a flourishing arts and culture scene

MCCY is boosting the arts and culture scene in Singapore

08 Mar 2018

Reviewing plans to strengthen Singapore’s literary, performing and visual arts sector

MCCY will continue building on the Arts & Culture Strategic Review (ACSR) to brings arts and culture to everyone, everywhere, and every day, as well as deepen capabilities to achieve excellence. Strategies for each art form will be reviewed and shared with all.

Elsewhere, new initiatives include Hear65, a national music movement launching in April 2018. Hear65 is an online platform profiling home-grown music talents to local and international audiences. It will also partner private and public stakeholders to further foster Singapore music.

To encourage interest in local literary works, all primary and secondary schools will be given a set of SingLit books, written in the four official languages. These tomes will also serve as a shared experience for Singaporeans.

Activating spaces for public art

To further integrate artwork in everyday life and enliven Singapore’s urban landscape, MCCY is having more spaces available for public art displays across the island. 2 new signature public artworks will be commissioned for the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019. Under the Public Art Trust, MCCY will continue to commission one signature public artwork each year thereafter.

MCCY will also launch more public art trails and guided tours beyond the current tours around the Civic District and Central Business District. For example, there will be more public art programmes as part of the Arts in Your Neighbourhood series.

Boosting support for Arts and Culture freelancers

To further develop professional support for independent artists, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the National Arts Council (NAC) consulted arts freelancers and key employers in 2017 for their feedback.

A Support Framework has been developed to foster fair and progressive employment conditions, as well as meet the professional development needs of freelancers. NAC and National Heritage Board will be early adopters of MOM’s Tripartite Standard for Contracting Self-Employed Persons.

MCCY is also setting up a national resource centre that will have a physical site and a digital presence, dedicated to supporting the professional needs of arts and culture freelancers. This centre will conduct training programmes, provide resources on career development, finance, and on individual rights.