CFE charts course for Singapore’s next phase of growth

The CFE report is about creating opportunities with sustainable growth for all Singaporeans.

Building an open and connected economy with deep capabilities, and creating opportunities with sustainable wage growth for all Singaporeans will be the two pillars of Singapore’s future economy.

With subdued economic and productivity growth globally, the Committee on Future Economy (CFE) has identified seven mutually-reinforcing strategies for Singapore’s next stage of growth in its report.

Committee on the Future Economy Recommendations

“The CFE’s strategies and recommendations will help us keep Singapore open and connected to the world, while building deep capabilities in our people and businesses to benefit from the opportunities that we can create. As we put these strategies into action, we must find new ways of working together to achieve our shared goal of sustaining growth and creating good jobs for all Singaporeans,” said Finance Minister and Co-Chair of CFE, Heng Swee Kiat of the CFE report.

The Committee was established in January 2016 to address the new challenges that Singapore face. After a year of discussion and consultation with more than 9,000 stakeholders, the Committee submitted its recommendations to the Prime Minister on 9 Feb 2017.

The Government will provide its response in the 2017 Budget Speech and Committee of Supply (COS) Debates. You can view the full CFE report at www.futureeconomy.sg.