Veera Sekaran


In the third of a four-part #futureeconomy series on Singaporean entrepreneurs and businesses, we speak to Veera Sekaran, Founder of Greenology – a company he established to realise his vision of transforming ordinary urban spaces into thriving habitats.

Read on to find out what keeps the Parsonage Turner Syndrome survivor going, which trends he’s particularly excited about, and why he deliberately does things at the very last minute.

1. What’s your morning fuel (drink)?

Teh Tarik with less sugar and more Halia or Kopi C Gao Siew Dai are my morning fuel!

2. Tell us what gives you the motivation to get up every day.

To make a positive difference in people’s lives. Everything I do revolves around this philosophy of making people’s lives better. That keeps me going.

3. Why entrepreneurship?

I am driven by new challenges all the time. I decided quite late on in life that I should chart my own path and move ahead using my own steam. The urge to start my own business grew over time.

4. Where do you see your business in 5-10 years?

We have some of the best urban greening and urban farming systems in the world. We are making inroads into new frontiers and creating more integrated living systems. We are moving into new territories – not only in business, but also geographically. I want to do more research into opportunities that will allow nature and humans to connect at a more sincere and emotional level. It’s very abstract, but with the new technologies evolving, I am hopeful of developing these new ideas into realities.

5. What are the trends that you’re most excited about?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is becoming a reality. Technology, robots, the Internet of Things, and science fiction is becoming real life! I predicted some of these trends very early, and seeing them become a part of everyday living now is remarkable!

6. Do you have a favourite life hack/time-saving shortcut?

I like to be stressed to the stage where my creative juices find solutions to problems in seconds. I like the stress – it helps! I deliberately do things at the last minute, so that the work get done in a few minutes instead of hours.

7. If you were a plant, what would you be?

I would like to be any plant. Honestly, everyone single plant in existence is good for us humans.

Some people don’t like weeds. I always say to my students “a weed is a plant whose potential has not been discovered yet”. That weed you throw away today could be the one which is able to get rid of cancer tomorrow. You never know!

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