Press Release 08 Aug 2019

[For immediate reporting] National Day Message 2019

Dear all,


            Please find attached Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Message 2019, for immediate reporting.


2.            Photographs from the recording are appended in this Google drive link: The terms and conditions for usage of the photos are appended:


Terms and Conditions

1.     These attached images are copyrighted by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and are intended for your immediate news publication only.

2.     Please credit the image(s) to Ministry of Communications and Information.

3.     One-time use only in print, broadcast and/or online platforms.

4.     No sale of image(s) in part or in whole is allowed.

5.     Archival of images is allowed but permission from MCI is required for any reprinting of the image(s) in future beyond 90 days from the date of release.


3.            Please see below for the PMO YouTube links to this year's NDM videos. The YouTube videos are currently set to 'Private'. We will enable public viewing for each video after the broadcast of the respective message.


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Thank you.