Official COVID-19 sources

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Official COVID-19 websites social media channels

Keeping the public informed on the latest COVID-19 situation in Singapore

Living with COVID-19

Find out what you should do if you are exposed or test positive for COVID-19

COVID-19 Situation Report

Find latest statistics on COVID-19 and the map of areas frequented by detected COVID-19 cases in Singapore

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to popular COVID-19 questions

Go Where

Your go-to government websites to fight against COVID-19

ART Go Where

Locate a vending machine to collect your Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits, if you are eligible

Singapore COVID-19 Symptom Checker

Check your symptoms and decide on your next steps

COVID-19 Vaccination Registration

The COVID-19 vaccination programme seeks to protect Singaporeans against COVID-19, as well as to protect businesses and jobs through the progressive re-opening of Singapore


Use Notαrise to get your Pre-Departure Test (PDT) or Vaccination HealthCerts digitally authenticated and endorsed in 4 easy steps.


Find the shortest traveling route to nearby PHPCs and essential amenities including hawker centres and supermarkets

New on OneMap: Vaccination Centres, COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test providers

Stories Of Us

Fear, anxiety, hope, gratitude – we all have our stories to tell of this period. They remind us of what living through COVID-19 means to us, and are testament to our resolve as we navigate these difficult times. Reflect on the stories of others and share yours too


As Singapore progressively reopens amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore has implemented special travel arrangements with some countries/regions to facilitate travel while safeguarding public health


Help stop the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing

Token Go Where

The TraceTogether Token complements the TraceTogether App by extending the protection provided by digital contact tracing tools to those who may not own or prefer not to use a mobile phone.

COVID-19 Recovery Grant

• Lower- to middle-income employees and self-employed persons who are financially impacted by COVID-19 may be eligible to receive up to $700 a month for three months.

• Applications open from 18 January 2021.

Support Go Where

Find available grants, funds and packages for individuals, or use the eligibility checker to find out which available support schemes are applicable to you

Flu Go Where

Locate a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) or Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinic near you

Mask Go Where

How to care for your mask?

Space Out

Check how crowded malls, supermarkets and post offices are before going

Safe Distance @ Parks

Check how crowded parks are before going

OneService App

Report hotspots where safe distancing is still not practised

How to report:

1. Click “Submit Case”.
2. Choose “Safe Distancing”, and where incident occurred.
3. Add photo, incident details and location.

Report only what you see, not something you saw on social media or online.

SG Healthcare Corps

Individuals with or without healthcare experience are welcomed to support our healthcare professionals in COVID-19 related operations and in community care.

SG United

To receive content, stories and different community-led COVID-19 responses and to be inspired to help one another get through this challenging time

SG United Jobs Portal

Opportunities for jobseekers and workers affected by the current COVID-19 situation

Singapore Budget

Support for Singaporeans and businesses


For businesses to apply exemption for circuit breaker period

Parent Kit

Tips on how you can support your child's learning from home

CPH Online Counselling

For those experiencing marital or parenting stress

From 1 June 2020

Live chat: Mon-Fri,9am-6pm (except public holidays)
Email: Anytime, counsellor will respond within 3 working days

List of Community helplines

Don't hesitate to reach our if you are feeling weighed down by issues

Legal Support Resources

For those who need legal assistance

Temporary Relief Fund Refund Form

For those seeking to return the fund online.

For those who want to return an unbanked TRF cheque or cashier's order, you can do so at your nearest Social Service Office (SSO).

☎️ Hotlines
National CARE Hotline 1800 202 6868
For queries on the COVID-19 situation  1800 333 9999
For Stay Home Notice related matters (SafeTravel Helpline)
6812 5555
For financial assistance (ComCare)
1800 222 0000
For limited service at preschools
Contact preschool directly as they may exercise discretion for exceptional cases.
For caregivers of seniors (AIC hotline)
1800 650 6060
For those facing high levels of general anxiety or stress during the circuit breaker period
6202 6868
For separated/divorced parents with access arrangements 6324 0024
Institute of Mental Health's Mental Health Helpline 6389 2222
PAVE Integrated Services for Individual and Family Protection 6555 0390

 🤖 Chatbots
COVID-19 Info Bot Info Bot
COVID-19 Chat for Biz businesses
MTI Chatbot
Provides tailored legal information on divorce and family violence iLAB chatbot

Posters on COVID-19

Safe Management Measures 1 to 5
(8 Apr 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

When Should I Wear A Mask?
(22 Apr 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Health Protocols
(Updated 26 Apr 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Health Protocols FAQ #1
(4 Mar 2022)

EnglishPDF / JPEG
MelayuPDF / JPEG
தமிழ்PDF / JPEG

Health Protocols FAQ #2
(4 Mar 2022)

EnglishPDF / JPEG
MelayuPDF / JPEG
தமிழ்PDF / JPEG

Help Ease the Load on Healthcare Frontliners
(4 Mar 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Safe Visiting (Updated 31 Mar 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Safe Workplaces (Updated 11 Apr 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Safe Dining
(Updated 6 Apr 2022)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Safe Commuting (7 Oct 2021)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

Safe Shopping (10 Aug 2021)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG

COVID-19 Advisory Comic Strip
(29 Jan 2021)

English: Hi-res JPEG

Use TraceTogether App on your phone for SafeEntry check-in 
(2 Nov 2020)

English: PDF / JPEG
中文: PDF / JPEG
Melayu: PDF / JPEG
தமிழ்: PDF / JPEG


English: JPEG
中文: JPEG
Melayu: JPEG
தமிழ்: JPEG 

Watch video: Help fight the spread of COVID-19 with TraceTogether!


7 habits of highly hygienic people (20 Mar 2020)

Online: JPEG

Keeping a Safe Distance: A How-To Guide (20 Mar 2020)

Online: JPEG
Poster: JPEG

The Soaper 5 by MOE

For Total Defence Day this year, new superheroes – The Soaper 5 – landed in schools to help us fight COVID-19.

Full Set: PDF
The Soaper 5 Characters: Wipe up Wilson /  Super soaper Soffy  /  Virus screener Varun /  Hands down Hana /  Mask up Mei Mei / The Soaper 5

[Video] Bye Bye Virus (MOE)
Soaperhero rap featuring students from Teck Whye Primary School


DORSCON Alert Levels 

English: JPEG


PCK Sticker Pack

Download here:

Whatsapp*: &
Giphy*: Search 'igotmyshot'

*Only stickers on Whatsapp and Giphy are animated

Safety Creatures Sticker Pack

Download here:



Show your support for the #IGotMyShot campaign!

Change your FB profile picture frame if you have received your vaccination.

The 'V' stands for Vaccine, and Victory over COVID-19!
Together we can beat this virus.

1. Go to
2. Select a photo
3. Add a frame and search "IGotMyShot"
4. Click Use as Profile Picture


Add a frame to your Facebook profile picture today to show that you will #StayHomeForSingapore! 🏡

1. Go to
2. Select a photo
3. Add a frame and search ""
4. Click Use as Profile Picture


COVID-19 Recovery Grant for lower- to middle- income workers
COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs