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MOM said the labour market continued to improve in 3Q2017, with the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for citizens declining from 3.3 per cent in June to 3.2 per cent in September. Overall, the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 2.2 per cent and for residents at 3.1 per cent. Meanwhile, the police have seen a sharp increase in the number of fraudulent purchases being charged to mobile phones, with 130 cases reported in the first 11 months of 2017, up 120 per cent from the same period last year. In other news, ICA will be stepping up measures at checkpoints during the Christmas and New Year period, with heavier traffic flowing in and out of Johor expected.

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《欢喜就好! 3》第二集 - “Happy Can Already!" Season 3 Episode 2

A neighbourly argument over a noise complaint between Lion King and Mr Unbelievable reveals the challenges the latter faces as the caregiver of his aging father. What support is available for caregivers like Mr Unbelievable to counter caregiver fatigue, in order to better care for oneself and the care recipient?