Cost-of-Living Support for Singaporeans
Cost-of-Living Support for Singaporeans


Managing Rising Costs

To help Singaporeans cope with this period of higher inflation, as well as cushion the impact of the GST increase, the Government has been rolling out a comprehensive set of support measures as announced at Budget 2023. The support measures have since been enhanced as announced in September 2023

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$1.1b Cost-of-Living Support Package

In September 2023, the Cost-of-Living (COL) support package has been enhanced to provide greater support for Singaporeans. Among the key enhancements, eligible Singaporeans will receive an additional Assurance Package (AP) Cash Special Payment of up to $200 cash in December 2023. This means that eligible Singaporeans can receive up to $800 in December 2023. In addition, there will be an increase of $200 CDC vouchers in January 2024, making a total of $500 CDC vouchers in January 2024. 

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Cost-of-Living Support Package for Households

Poster (updated as of October 2023) available in the following languages:

Assurance in 2023

Poster (updated as of October 2023) available in the following languages:



Enhancements to the Assurance Package (AP)

The AP will help cushion the impact of the GST increase for all Singaporeans. We understand your concerns on the rising cost of living due to higher inflation. That is why at Budget 2023, the AP has been enhanced from $6.6 billion to $9.6 billion to offer greater support for Singaporeans to cope with daily expenses. The AP has since been further enhanced in September 2023 to provide additional relief for households.  

Additional one-off support measures have been introduced to address immediate cost-of-living concerns:

One-off cash payment of $200 to $400 for eligible adult Singaporeans in June 2023.

One-off cash payment of $200 to $300 for eligible Singaporeans aged 55 and above in June 2023.

Double the regular U-Save rebates for eligible HDB households for April, July and October 2023. Together with regular U-Save, eligible households will receive a total of $440 to $760 rebates in 2023.

  • 2023 Top-Ups to Child Development Account (CDA), Edusave Account and Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Each Singaporean child aged 0 - 6 years will receive a one-off $400 top-up to the CDA

Each Singaporean child aged 7 - 16 years and 17 - 20 years will receive a one-off $300 top-up to the Edusave account and PSEA respectively. This is in addition to the annual Edusave contribution by the Government. 

Beyond these one-off support measures, enhancements to the AP include:

  • Additional Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers in 2024

Every Singaporean household will receive  additional $200 CDC Vouchers  in 2024. This means that Singaporean households will receive a total of $500 CDC vouchers in January 2024.

  • Increased AP Cash Payouts

Adult Singaporeans will receive AP Cash Payouts in December every year over five years, from 2022 to 2026. As announced in September 2023, the AP Cash Payout is increased by an additional $200 in December 2024. Eligible Singaporeans can receive up to $800 cash payout in December 2024.  

  • Additional U-Save Rebates for 2024 and 2025  

Eligible households will receive an additional $20 per quarter of U-Save rebates from January 2024 to December 2025.  




Enhancements to the Permanent GST Voucher (GSTV) Scheme

The enhanced Permanent GSTV scheme will continue to offset GST expenses for lower- to middle-income Singaporean households, beyond the transitional support provided by the AP. At Budget 2023, the Government announced that the GSTV – Cash quantum will be further increased, by up to $350. 

This increase will be implemented over 2023 and 2024.



The support measures above are not exhaustive. For further assistance, visit the Ministry of Social and Family Development website to locate your nearest Social Service Office, or call the ComCare hotline at 1800-222-0000.