Exiting the Acute Phase of Pandemic
Exiting the Acute Phase of Pandemic
Singapore to enter a new endemic COVID-19 norm
min read Published on 09 Feb 2023

With the stable global and local COVID-19 situation, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) has announced that from 13 February 2023:

  1. Singapore will lower its DORSCON* level from Yellow to Green
  2. Existing community measures will be stepped down

*Disease Outbreak Response System Condition framework

Updates on Mask-wearing

From 13 February 2023, mask-wearing is not required on public transport and indoor healthcare and residential care settings.

Members of the public, especially the elderly and immunocompromised, are strongly encouraged to wear a mask if they are:

  1. In crowded places
  2. Unwell with symptoms of COVID-19 and need to leave home
  3. Interacting with medically vulnerable persons

MOH will still require mask-wearing for visitors, staff, and patients in healthcare and residential care settings, where there is physical interaction with patients or care is being delivered to patients, and at indoor patient-facing areas. Refer to  Annex A and  Annex B for more information.

Food handlers are still required by the Singapore Food Agency to wear a mask or spit guard to ensure food safety. Private enterprises can maintain mask-wearing requirements as company policy to ensure workplace health and safety, or as part of their business continuity plans.

Standing down other Safe Management Measures (SMMs)

Except for mask-wearing in healthcare settings, these other SMMs will be inactive from 13 February 2023:

  • Group Size Limit
  • Work from Home
  • Safe Distancing
  • Capacity Limits

Enterprises may continue their own SMMs as company policy to ensure workplace health and safety, or as part of their business continuity plans.


Updates on General Health Advisory and Medically Vulnerable Groups

From 13 February 2023, Health Protocols 1-2-3 will be stood down.

Seniors and those with chronic medical conditions that have ARI symptoms should see a doctor. Individuals with mild ARI symptoms should stay at home until the symptoms resolve.

Symptomatic, and COVID-19 positive individuals who are non-symptomatic, are strongly encouraged to wear a mask and exercise social responsibility if they need to leave home.

Read more here on the updated advisory for persons with increased risk of severe COVID-19.


Ceasing the use of TraceTogether (TT) and SafeEntry (SE)

As the pandemic situation has stabilized, it is no longer a requirement for infected persons to submit TT data, and SE data is no longer being collected. Members of the public can now uninstall their TT App, and return their tokens to TT Token counters available at all 108 Community Clubs/Centres from 13 February to 12 March 2023. MOH has deleted past identifiable TT and SE data from their servers and databases.

The TT and SE systems will be kept ready for reactivation in the event a new and more dangerous COVID-19 Variant of Concern surfaces. Registration details such as name, business UEN, and mobile number will be retained for this contingency.

The TT App will remain downloadable on mobile app stores in case of a need to reactivate contact-tracing efforts.


For more information, refer to MOH’s latest press release.