How-Tos: How to keep safe when you dine out How-Tos: How to keep safe when you dine out
6 tips for eating out safely
min read Published on 19 Jun 2020

So, it's a special occasion and you’ve made plans to dine out at your family's favourite restaurant (though remember that delivery and take-out orders can be just as special!).

Whether it's a celebratory dinner, or a quick cuppa at the coffee shop, here are some tips for you to remember, so you can keep yourself and your loved ones protected while dining out.

1) Avoid crowds

If takeaway or delivery is not an option, then try to make reservations  or order in advance wherever possible. This would help reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for a seat or for your food to arrive. Dining during off-peak periods would also help you avoid the lunch and dinner crowds, especially for popular eateries.

2) Use TraceTogether and SafeEntry

SafeEntry QR codes should be a familiar sight by now – you can facilitate contact tracing and identification of clusters by checking in and out wherever required. You can use the TraceTogether App or Token to do this.

3) Mask up and follow safe management measures

When arriving at the eatery, allow the staff to take your temperature. Eating or drinking should be the only time you take off your mask while you’re outside. So keep your mask on till your food arrives. When you do take it off, you’ll need to keep your mask somewhere clean. This is where a ziplock bag can come in handy, to ensure that your mask is not left exposed to the surroundings while you enjoy your meal.

4) Limit your dining group to 8 people.

If you need to meet your friends in person over a meal, make sure to keep the group as small as possible, with the maximum of eight people. Keep in mind that it’s still best to keep your circle of contacts small, and preferably to a regular circle of close contacts.

5) Always practise safe distancing.

F&B establishments will have in place safe management measures to ensure that groups are at a safe distance from each other. Nevertheless, do make sure you keep at least 1m apart from other groups, and to not mix between groups. If you intend to dine in a mall, check out for crowd levels in malls before you head out. You can also reduce contact with others by opting for contactless payment methods.

6) Practise good hygiene and do not share utensils

While you may be tempted to help your friend finish their last bit of food on their plate, it is important to avoid sharing food or utensils, as viruses are spread through droplets like saliva. Instead, use serving spoons. Also, remember to wash your hands with soap and water often, or use a hand sanitiser.

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