President’s Address and Ministries’ Addenda 2023
President’s Address and Ministries’ Addenda 2023

Building a fairer, more inclusive, and caring society

Following the prorogation of Parliament on 24 March, President Halimah will be opening the second session of the 14th Parliament on 10 April. Ministries will issue Addenda on their plans and policies to support the Government’s key priorities.


Trusted Government, United People


A Resilient, Secure, and Sustainable Singapore


A Stronger Economy that Grows Opportunities


Embracing a More Inclusive Meritocracy


Opportunities and Assurance Throughout Life


Navigating a Changing World



Watch President's Address 2023

On 10 April 2023, President Halimah Yacob delivered her Address outlining the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Singapore in an uncertain geopolitical climate. She was speaking at the Opening of the Second Session of the 14th Parliament.